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Russian version/
4 2012


(specialty 07.00.02)
1. Kramskaya S.V.

Activity of Rostov socialists-revolutioners during the years of new revolutionary rise (1912 1914)

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2. Lyutikh O.Ju.

Prerequisites of social-and-economic and political reforms in Russia at the end of XX century

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(specialty 08.00.05)
3. Larkina N.G.

New tendencies of marketing interaction theory research

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4. Sukiasyan A.A.

System of resources of investment activity financing

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(specialty 09.00.08)
5. Shulman M.M.

On the evolution of the substantive personal bases of natural sciences in the European cultural tradition

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(specialty 09.00.11)
6. Boulanov N.I.

Social control of authorities activity

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7. Lytkin V.V.

Some problems formation of social ideal in early Russian philosophic tradition

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(specialty 09.00.13)
8. Borodovskaya M.A.

Theme of desire and pleasure in postmodernism

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9. Gerous Ju.A.

Existential-and-phenomenological analysis of love as a conflict situation of J.P. Sartre

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10. Koptseva N.P.

The problem of methodology of modern cultural researches: opportunities of classical Britain social anthropology

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11. Nesmeyanov E.E

Possible senses of Socratess irony within A.F. Losev's interpretation

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12. Roudenko A.M.

Sociovital explication of human's existence: gnoseological aspects

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(specialty 10.02.04)
13. Belyaeva E.I.

Main groups of lexical units, formed as a result of appealing and onomization processes

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14. Volgina E.A.

On the role of stylistic devices in the formation of Russian image in English-speaking mass media

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15. Khartavakyan V.G.

Experimental modeling of English publicistic discourse with Latin component

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(specialty 12.00.01)
16. Ivshina I.N.

Kinds of federalization as a process of establishment of federative statehood

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17. Serebryakova T.A.

Formation of prosecutor's control of the Russian empire in the first half of XVIII century

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(specialty 13.00.01)
18. Minochkina A.S.

Increase of social adaptation level of orphans and children without parents' care

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19. Sovgir N.N..

Peculiarities of modern family as social sphere from the viewpoint of competent approach

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20. Chebykina N.A.

Scientific approaches in the management of pre-school education establishment

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(specialty 13.00.02)
21. Yakovleva T.V., Demicheva V.V., Eremenko O.I.

Realization of of ethnocultural approach in the process of Rusian language learning at the beginning school (on the material of vocabulary)

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(specialty 13.00.08)
22. Vlasova I.M.

Universal methods of design-activity of bachelors of science at high school

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23. Kuchinsky V.F., Spirin A.P.

Emotional and value context of IT usage by future teachers

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24. Ovchinnikova I.G., Kourzaeva L.V., Zakharova T.V.

On the question of development of the frames of qualifications and professional standards in integral spheres (on the examples of IT and education)

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25. Tsyvareva M.A.

Improvement of professional training of future teachers in the process of individual work of students

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(specialty 19.00.01)
26. Kamneva O.A.

Role of animal therapy in the decrease of the level of anxiety of children with CCP diagnosis

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27. Svistunova E.V., Kabanov I.S.

Formation of protecting mechanisms of a personality in early and pre-school age

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(specialty 19.00.07)
28. Boutenko V.S., Boutenko O.S.

Guidance as a form of an education and professional self-realization

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(specialty 23.00.02)
29. Kirilova V.V., Usova Ju.V.

The problems of multiculturalism as the factor of state policy (on the example of political discourse of the power elite)

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30. Skorokhodova V.P.

Peculiarities of social-and-political tension: on the analysis of the problem

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31. ABOUT AUTHORS read in PDF pdf

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