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Earlier not published manuscripts are accepted for consideration. In original authors texts topicality, aims and tasks of the research shall be grounded. Articles and other materials shall correspond the journals subject area, contain generalizations, conclusions presenting the interest by their novelty, scientific and practical value. Manuscripts for publication undergo compulsory reviewing process.

manuscripts reviewing procedure

For the article the text editing program Microsoft Word for Windows versions 6.0 and higher shall be used.

  • Page parameters: 4 format, page orientation bookish, margins 20 mm at all sides.
  • Text parameters: font Times New Roman, size 14; Line-to-line spacing one-and-a-half; indent 10 mm; without hyphens.

Volume: for articles 9-15 pages; for reports 4-5 pages.



Obligatory components of the article:

  • UDC (rules for classification see: http://teacode.com/online/udc/);
  • surname and initials of the author (authors), organization, city, country, -mail;
  • title of the article;
  • abstract, key words;
  • text of the article;
  • references;
  • author(s)' information;

Abstract and key words:

Abstract shall reflect the structure and content of the article. Volume not less than 900 symbols (with spaces) or 12-15 lines. Key words are separate words and phrases (5-7 words/phrases): two languages Russian and English.

Text of the article:

It is recommended to follow the logical structure: introduction, methodology, main part, conclusions, references.

Minimal amount of tables and illustrations shall be used. The figure shall have explanations of all the components, sequence number, title under the figure. There shall be a reference to a figure in the text. A table shall have sequence number, title under the table. All columns in the table are written with an uppercase letter, there can be no abbreviations. Tables and figures shall not repeat the content of the text.

If necessary, grant or research program can be noted. Information on them is given at the page reference to the title of the manuscript.

Brief acknowledgment and gratitude can be expressed to colleagues and/or organizations concerning the given research.


References are given in the alphabetic order after the article. In the text the references are in square brackets: [5, . 10]. Subscript references are not accepted.


  • for books: surname, initials of author(s), full title, place, year, pages;
  • for collective monographs and selections: editor's information is added;
  • for articles: surname, initials of author(s), full title // full title of the selection, newspaper, journal, place and year of publication, issue (journal), year and date (newspaper), volume, part (selection), pages;
  • references on e-resources: indication of materials shall be given for e-resources [Electronic resource], web address and date of reference.

Author(s)' names are given at the beginning in italics. After surname there is no comma, in-itials without spaces: Ivanov A.A.

There are no hyphens in references. Referring to pages there is a short hyphen between numbers.

Foreign references are given following the same rules.

Abbreviations in reference list:


= N

= .

= .

. = .

2 ( ..) = 2 .

/ = .

= .

= .

Et al.

= N

Volum = Vol. ( )

Issue = Issue

Page = . ( )

In 2 vols.

Editor/s = Ed./Eds.

Edition = Ed.

Translation = Transl.

Editorial board recommends to account previously published articles in the journal The Humanities and Social sciences issue archive while preparing the manuscript and forming list of references according to the similar problems of the research to increase the relevance and rating of your publications and research in general.

Author(s)' information:

Author(s)' information shall be attached to the manuscript in two languages Russian and English:

  • surname and name of the author(s) first comes surname, then name, then middle name; science degree, position (in the form as it is indicated in official documents/websites of universities or other establishments); post address of the university including street, house number, postcode; author's e-mail and phone number.
  • research area and/or code of science specialty.

Procedure of the article formatting:

  1. UDC.
  2. Initials and surname of the author(s), full name of the organization, city, country, e-mail italics, left-hand corner. (There shall be no more author's information in the article!)
  3. Title uppercase letters, in bold, centered.
  4. In square brackets initials, surname of the author(s) and title in English (Russian for the article in English) uppercase letters, in bold, centered.
  5. Abstract and key words: two languages Russian and English.
  6. Text of the article.
  7. List of references in alphabetic order at the end of the article.
  8. Date of the manuscript presentation.

The editorial board can issue the certificate on the publication if necessary.

Editorial board provides the storage of the articles published in the journal within five years since publishing.

Publication fee is 850 rubles per page

Articles and other materials are sent to the editorials:

  1. by e-mail: redaction-el@mail.ru
  2. CD-R and hard copy at the address: office 120, 140 Pushkinskaya str., Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 344006.

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